What if, in under 2 minutes a day, you could hardwire an unshakeable sense of contentment, self-worth, and peace of mind into your brain?

In this new online program, New York Times bestselling author and leading expert on positive neuroplasticity, Dr. Rick Hanson, offers 57 brief practices that strengthen the neural networks of deep well-being and resilience.

This program gives you just one thing to focus on each day to gradually change your brain for the better so you can handle the stresses and challenges of everyday life with greater ease, inner strength, and confidence.

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“These are great practices – wise and straightforward, scientific and nourishing. They can transform your life.”

–Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., author of The Wise Heart, A Path with Heart

57 Powerful Practices to Open Your Heart and Clear Your Mind

Each practice is grounded in modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom, and Rick’s background in the very real world of business and raising a family. They’re quick and easy to do, and each repetition strengthens key neural circuits – just like building a muscle in the gym. It’s the law of little things: a small thing repeated each day adds up to big results. Just one thing… that could change your life.

These practices include:

  • A 1-2 minute video explaining the practice, how it helps you, and how to do it

  • A recap, reflection, and suggestion for integrating it into your daily life

  • Weekly emails with inspiration, support, and encouragement

Also: Audio + Video Downloads, Transcripts, Handouts, and Shareable Inspirational Quotes

57 Practical, Positive Ways to Feel Better Now.

Research has shown that practices like these can lift your mood, protect you against stress, and even strengthen your immune system. And, with lifetime access you can keep coming back to these powerful practices every day for years to come.

Expand each category below to see a list of the lessons included in the program.

  • Be Good to Yourself

    • Be For Yourself
    • Take in the Good
    • Have Compassion for Yourself
    • Relax
    • See the Good in Yourself
    • Slow Down
    • Forgive Yourself
    • Get More Sleep
    • Befriend Your Body
    • Nourish Your Brain
    • Protect Your Brain
    • Drop the Stone

  • Enjoy Life

    • Take Pleasure
    • Say Yes
    • Take More Breaks
    • Be Glad
    • Have Faith
    • Find Beauty
    • Be Grateful
    • Smile
    • Get Excited
    • Enjoy Four Kinds of Peace

  • Build Strengths

    • Find Strength
    • Be Mindful
    • Be Patient
    • Enjoy Humility
    • Pause
    • Have Insight
    • Use Your Will
    • Take Refuge
    • Risk the Dreaded Experience
    • Aspire Without Attachment
    • Keep Going
    • Meditate

  • Engage the World

    • Be Curious
    • Enjoy Your Hands
    • Don't Know
    • Do What You Can
    • Accept the Limits of Your Influence
    • Tend to the Causes
    • Don't Be Alarmed
    • Put Out Fires
    • Dream Big Dreams
    • Be Generous
    • "Us" All "Thems"

  • Be at Peace

    • Notice You're Alright, Right Now
    • Honor Your Temperament
    • Love Your Inner Child
    • Don't Throw Darts
    • Relax Anxiety About Imperfection
    • Respond, Don't React
    • Don't Take It Personally
    • Feel Safer
    • Fill the Hole in Your Heart
    • Let Go
    • Love
    • Take Heart

“This program is really helping reduce my stress level, and I’m feeling so much calmer now. I like that each piece is short, so I can use them whenever I want.”

–Gina G.

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“l loved this program. l found it very practical and helpful, it did not require much of my time, but provided me with comfort and insight.”

–Viktoria J.