Join a dedicated group of fellow participants to connect, share, reflect, and discuss.

  • Weekly, hour-long live sessions via Zoom

  • A certified PNT Teacher to host the group and facilitate discussion

  • An intimate community of participants from around the world

  • Weekly emails to remind you to join your live session

5 Different Groups to Choose From

Once you register, you will choose ONE group to join:

"The group allowed us to respond and express our vulnerabilities and aspirations and also to be present, listen, and interact spontaneously. This provided a framework for the emergence of meaningful interactions and connections with others and their lived experiences. Having a group to process the process definitely enhanced the experience."

— Past Group Discussion Participant


  • How long will this group run?

    The group will be ongoing. It will continue to run AFTER the 6 weeks of the course, as we hope you will find connections with other participants that you will want to maintain, as well as the opportunity to keep practicing after the course concludes.

    However, you can choose to leave the group and cancel your monthly payments at any time.

  • Can I cancel the monthly payment at any time?

    YES! The first payment will get you access to the group for the first month. After that, you can cancel any time, which will result in you leaving the group.

  • What if I miss a week?

    While we really hope you will attend each week, it's perfectly okay if you miss a week. Though please note that recordings will not be provided (to preserve a safe environment where participants feel free to share openly.)

  • Will the sessions be recorded?

    No. To preserve a safe environment and encourage participants to share freely, sessions will not be recorded.

  • How many participants will be in each group?

    Each group will have from 6-25 participants. If your group drops below 6 participants, you will be invited to join another group.

  • What can I expect of the Group Leader?

    The group leaders are all certified PNT Teachers and have familiarity with Rick's work, so they are able to answer general questions. However, the group is meant mainly for group discussion and sharing, so the leaders will mostly be there to hold a safe space for participants and encourage discussion.